Love Is A Blessing

The Modern Search for Love

In even the recent past, couples generally found each other through local friends, family and acquaintances. Some of them met at work, and others were introduced at a dinner party hosted by a friend. These matches still occur, but many people have decided to find love through online dating services, speed dating and matchmakers. Success in any of the old or new venues is not assured, but the struggle to find love is just as present as it has been for centuries.

The Old-Fashioned Way

Couples who have met through blind dates set up by friends, introductions at dinner parties or even casual family days have often found someone to love. The reason for this is because they begin with at least one thing in common, and they can then explore what else they both know or enjoy. It gives them a way to break the ice, and their progress is often swift after that. If it works out, they know fairly early in their relationship. It is a good way to meet people, and it should not be bypassed because it is a time-honored method of finding love.

Online Dating Services

For those who have come to rely heavily on modern technology, online dating services often match their lifestyle. They can answer a few questions, upload a photo and release their profile for others to see. Their initial communication is generally through a series of emails, so there is no longer the concern they will end up the victim of a serial killer. Many people have found love through these types of services, but not all of them have been successful. While it can be the modern answer to combat the struggle to find love, it can also be frustrating for those who are not successful.

Speed Dating

There is something to be said for spending only a few minutes with a person to determine if they are suitable, and it is usually that it weeds out many potential dates quickly. Speed dating is a wonderful way to get through the agony of a bad date without spending hours trying to think of an excuse to leave, and it can help people find someone just right for them. While there are few statistics on the success of this phenomenon, it has been around for more than a decade. It’s main goal for many is to meet as many people as possible in the hopes that even one person might be the one they will love for life.

The struggle to find love in the modern world has become even more difficult, and it is generally due to the fact that real love involves being open to meeting new people and sharing information. People are much more guarded about their private lives today, so sharing is often difficult. The prevalence of people who are looking for someone to make their life better is also an issue for those looking for love, and they must sort out those who want to build a life together from the ones who want a life built for them. Playing the numbers game by dating many is easy enough with online services, but old-fashioned methods are still a path to a life of love.